Your Generosity Helps Change Lives Like Melissa’s!

Your prayers and gifts play such an important part in sustaining the ministry of your WAY-FM, so more people like Melissa can be encouraged to trust Jesus and help others.

She wrote:

“I have been listening to The Wally Show on WAY-FM (and now on the podcast) for about 10 years (and I’m only 24!), and I’ve never donated. I always thought [donating] was for other people; but I realize that if it weren’t for people donating, I wouldn’t be able to listen to it. The Wally Show has gotten me through the terrible experiences of high school, the stress of college, and now the excitement/exhaustion of marriage and our first child. You guys are making a huge impact on people’s lives, and I would love to be a part of that.”

Together, we can help many more people like Melissa get through the tough times in life, through the music and messages on air, plus the Prayer Wall and ministry of Pastor Dave.

That’s why I’d like to let you know we are looking for a $120,000 Inspiration Fund to help change many more lives like hers.

And if you already feel led to get in early and give today to help more people like Melissa, thank you for your generosity!