Your Generosity Helps Bring Hope to People Like Meri and Her Brother

Your prayers and gifts play such an important part in sustaining the ministry of your WAY-FM, so more people like Meri can be encouraged to love and follow Jesus – even when life is uncertain.

Concerned about her brother’s homelessness, she wrote on our Prayer Wall:

“I am praying for his safety… that he doesn’t have to be homeless for too long.”

Thanks to friends like you, Pastor Dave from WAY-FM could be there for Meri, and he responded…

“Meri, I’m sure that’s real scary for you… a big state… so far away… and you don’t really know where your brother will be every night. God’s Spirit gave me this prayer: ‘Lord, I pray for a Good Samaritan to pass by that beach at just the right time for this brother. You watch over people (Psalms 121; 139)… You know what they need… You know how to get them to meet up for just the right reasons (John 4). And Lord Jesus, You made some felons Your disciples, and You reached out to scoundrels like Zacchaeus and others (Luke 19:1-10; 18:9-14; 1 Timothy 1:12-17). May others extend mercy and grace and help to this brother of Meri’s.’”

Meri replied:

“Thank you so much for the thought you put into your email. It was very comforting to myself and my brother. I did not mention that my brother is not a believer. But because of your words and the Scripture you provided, he went into a Bible app and started reading the passages. He said it helped him have hope. He has found a room to rent from a couple that knows his story and wanted to help. I can’t thank you enough for the gift of light you have given. Bless you!”

Together, we can encourage many more people like Meri and her brother, by reminding them that our loving God wants to help them.

So please pray about how God may be leading you to help build the Inspiration Fund – to motivate others to give generously, especially during WAY-FM’s Support Drive.

And if you already feel led to get in early and get involved today to help more people like Meri and her brother, thank you for your generosity!