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“I listen to the Wally Show all the time. It has helped me understand my faith better and deal with some of the hardest decisions and conversations of life. It is a great way to get away from the negativity of the world.” – James

“Love listening to Wally, Betty, Zach, and Bekah’s antics. It helps me through the day and always lifts my spirit!” – Luke

“The perfect combination of hilarity, Biblical truths, and people being real about life while walking with God! Have been a listener for and am so grateful for the blessing this show has been! Thanks for all you do Wally, Bekah, Betty, and Gavin!!” – mfrncs15

We understand the world’s needs are so overwhelming it can be hard to know where to start making a difference. We’ve partnered with people like you for 30 years to be a source of encouragement and hope during life’s challenges.

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You already listen to the Wally Show Podcast and know it helps you experience joy and strength during life’s challenges.


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