Thank You for Investing to Lift Hearts Like Paula’s

When you invest in the ministry of your WAY-FM during Support Drive Launch, you’ll encourage more people like Paula.

She was so impacted by the World’s Biggest Small Group that she wrote to say:

I resigned from an inner-city ministry due to an unfortunate incident with a client. I felt my entire world come crashing down over one rash decision, and I was convinced my worth and my witness had come to an unforgivable end…

“BUT WAY-FM has been a godsend…. I absorbed the World’s Biggest Small Group Identity study and realized I had been trying to find my identity in all the wrong places. What an amazing revelation!

Thank you for giving today to fill hearts like Paula’s with new hope in Jesus through uplifting music and messages on-air – plus the World’s Biggest Small Group, WAY Nation, the Prayer Wall, and so much more!

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