Thank You for Giving Today to Help Change Lives like Bill’s

You can help change more lives like Bill’s by giving generously today to help hit the Year-End Support Drive goal.

Bill was suicidal, but someone like you gave a financial gift to keep words of hope on-air through WAY-FM. He shares:

“You saved my life. I was in a dark place…. Attempted suicide was a DAILY struggle, but God would not let me die. I would listen to your show [The Wally Show] in the darkest times in my life. [I was] scared; but when the radio came on, the terror went away. You taught me to laugh, to love, and to be happy. For that I thank and bless you….”

And as friends like you brought Bill words of hope, it transformed his life:

“I am much better now. I am a minister in the church of God and serve the Lord with a fire. You helped shape me. You all helped shape me into being the man I am today.”

So thank you for giving generously today to help transform more lives with Jesus’ love.

Your support today will help more people like Bill hear just the right words, at just the right moment, which could change – and even save – their lives.

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