Help Close the Year-End Funding Gap…

When you invest today in the ministry of your WAY-FM to help close the year-end funding gap, you’ll help bring calm to the chaos in many people’s lives by pointing them to Jesus. As Presley shares:

“I work a job in child protective services, and I’m in the field all day. When I leave chaotic environments, I turn [WAY-FM] 88.1 on, and my soul is refreshed every single time. I’m also a recovering addict –11 years sober–and I believe in God using me daily in my job. I believe in the power of prayer. I believe in God using ALL things for His good, even our mistakes.”

And now – like you today – Presley’s giving back to encourage others through your WAY-FM! She says:

 “I believe in WAY-FM. I will gladly pay monthly to continue having this radio station to soothe my soul.”

Thank you for giving your best gift today to help the people you love – and many others like Presley – hear the meaningful music and messages that soothe their soul when they need it most!