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Your tax-deductible gift is needed to keep a voice of hope coming to over 1 million listeners 24/7, like Tara, so they can come to love and follow Jesus every day.

Tara shares:

“There is nothing that speaks to kids – especially teenagers – more than music. The battle you all fight and the war you all wage – that’s what I want to support. Thank you so much for letting all of us be a part of supporting what grabs the hearts, minds, and souls of our kids.”

Your investment right now will help ensure hope is always there for you and your family – through WAY-FM’s uplifting music and real faith messages, plus encouragement through the Prayer Wall, pastoral care, WAY Nation, the World’s Biggest Small Group, and much more.

So please give generously – knowing your tax-deductible donation will be DOUBLED by a last minute additional $45,000 Match to change even more lives.

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