Co-Host the Aftercast with The Wally Show!

Hey Poddies!

We know it’s wrong to play favorites, but just between us, you are our favorites. You get what we’re trying to do, and you are always so encouraging in your notes and support.

We wanted a special way to give back to you. If you support WAY-FM with this form below, we’ll put you in a special drawing for some cool stuff. Maybe some of Wally’s caramels. Maybe a limited edition Christmas wolf t-shirt.

For some of you, it’ll be a chance to co-host an upcoming Aftercast! We’ll bring you in on a video chat and make you part of the show, and we’ll give you a video of it to make all of your friends jealous.

So thanks again for your generosity. We wouldn’t exist without you. And as always, thanks for being a loyal Poddie!

-The Wally Show