Keep That Hope Coming Through Your WayFM

Hope has a name… and that name is Jesus. Because of Him, you can have confidence that God is with you even when things aren’t okay. You can anticipate that things will one day get better. You can trust that God is for you no matter what.

You can always hear that clear message of hope in Jesus every day on your WayFM!

Your gift below will help meet the Support Drive need in full to help you and others like Kari anchor your hope in Jesus every day. She shares…

“I’ve struggled from various addictions and I get fearful and scared. When I turn y’all on, I am empowered, I have courage, and I have strength. You have helped saved my life. It’s amazing.”

Jesus is the one certainty in this uncertain world – so give now to keep WayFM going strong and point more people like Kari to the promise of hope in Jesus.

Plus, when you give $35 a month or more right now, you’ll get an exclusive WayFM t-shirt. Thank you!

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