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Catherine shared this:

“Three years ago my mom was diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer. Going to one of the best doctors specializing in this type of cancer, my mom started chemo right away. Within a few months, she had a radical hysterectomy and exploratory surgery ridding her body of the tumors.

“Within 6 months, she went in to remission. We [were] so glad. BUT we knew that this type of cancer had a very high recurrence rate. And sure enough 6 months later, the cancer was back and wasn’t backing down.

“So for the next 2 1/2 years my mom endured one chemo after another after another.”

Catherine let us know that the treatments have not been working, so at their most recent appointment with the oncologist her mother had a tough decision to make.

“My mother was weeping and told her she was tired. The Dr. completely understood and told her it was ok to stop treatments. She knew she had tried so hard.

“There were MANY trips back and forth to [medical appointments]. I would always turn on WAY-FM. [To] this day, she listens to nothing [but] Way FM. This radio station has ministered to her and to our family many, many times. Thank you.”

This story may not have a huge happy ending, but we wanted to share it with you because this is the kind of hope you bring to people. WAY-FM is there for people on the good days, but also on the days where there are no words.

This is the kind of hope you bring to people through your ongoing support, so thank you!

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