Help Win the Spiritual Battle for Your Kids

By investing today in your WAY-FM, you’re also investing in the spiritual welfare of your family.

After Aubrey heard the “adults only” lyrics her 10-year-old was being exposed to on a mainstream radio station, she wrote to say:

“… I caught my 10-year-old tapping his foot and nodding his head to lyrics that have no business being played around children. I remember thinking just how easily they can be exposed to messages from the world with catchy beats, and how there really is a spiritual battle being waged against their innocence.

“I knew it was time to jump in and support WAY-FM. Thank you for all you do to send out the message to so many listeners, not the least of which the ones we’re raising.”

Thank you for jumping in now to have your gift doubled by the $56,000 Match – so your kids and many others can hear the kind of music on-air and online that fills them with hope and encouragement.