Help More People Like Josh Live with Hope!

Support Drive is this week, and it’s vital WayFM receives support from generous people like you to keep pointing others to hope. Like Josh* and his kids – who looked to WayFM as a source of encouragement in a dark time.

Josh shares…

“I lost my faith a long time ago when my wife left me. I went through a few years of darkness, and then finally my friend I work with invited me to his church. We were singing some of the songs and my kids told me, ‘Daddy, we know these songs because we listen to WayFM!’

“I’ve been wanting to give to you guys for a long time. It’s important because it helps give hope and strength to others who might be going through a dark time like I was.”

For Josh, and the many others just like him, thank you for jumping in with your Support Drive gift today!And for your first monthly gift of $30 or more, we’ll send you an exclusive WayFM T-shirt!

*Representative name and image.

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