Help Military Families Like Mason’s Know They’re Not Alone

Your generous support of WAY-FM brings hope to people like Mason, as he serves in the military far from home:

Mason shares:

“The military is like a big family, but many times you feel so alone and so far away. It helps, no matter where you’re at, to know that your wife and kids, or your husband and kids, or just your significant other, are back home listening [to WAY-FM] as well. It creates that connection even though you may be 10 miles away or 3,000 miles away or in a different country. It gives you a connection to home.”

And here’s his Support Drive encouragement to you today:

“We all have a part in this ministry, so I encourage you to give.”

Your special Support Drive gift today will help more military families like Mason’s.

When you invest $1,000 or more in the ministry of your WAY-FM today, you’ll also help WAY-FM provide three children much-needed nutrition and pre-operative care to gain strength for their life-changing surgeries before Christmas!

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Your investment today will help more people like Mason and his family hear just the right words that connect them to Jesus, so they know they’re never alone.

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