Help Hit the Year-End Support Drive Goal Now and Give Hope to People Like Ashley

Your support is vital to hit the Support Drive goal by 9 p.m. (CST) tonight and keep hope coming through your WAY-FM to you and many people like Ashley.

It’s heartbreaking to hear she was abused as a child and attempted suicide. She says, “I wish I had this kind of a station” at the time.

Now that Ashley is listening to your WAY-FM, she knows she’s not alone. She says:

“If you can find something like WAY-FM, you’ll have a whole community behind you. You will have people you can reach out to, and there will be people that will back you up.”

Any investment you can make today is greatly appreciated and will help change lives like hers.

And when you get involved with your special gift of $200 now, you’ll provide a JoyJar® stuffed with brand new toys and the message to Never Ever Give Up through WAY-FM’s partnership with the Jessie Rees Foundation!

So thank you for giving now to help hit the Year-End Support Drive goal by 9 p.m. tonight.

Your investment right now will help more people like Ashley hear just the right words, at just the right moment, that fills their heart with hope… so they know they’re not alone.

You can also enter the contest here without giving. Click here to view the contest rules.