Help Close the Critical Funding Gap – and Rescue More People like Peter!

Your support today is urgently needed to help close a critical funding gap by December 31 to keep hope coming to you and to people like Peter who are teetering on the edge.

image of “Peter”

Peter thought the only way out of his suicidal despair was driving his car off a cliff – but God miraculously saved him and brought him hope through the words of a song he heard on your WAY-FM. He says:

“I went off a cliff with the intention to die and wreck the car – and I survived by the grace of God. After I wrecked the car, the song from Chris Tomlin, ‘God of This City,’ came on. I asked, ‘Why am I still alive?’ and the song [lyrics] said, ‘Greater things have yet to come, and greater things are still to be done in this city.’ I was blown away by the grace of God and the goodness, faithfulness, and the pursuit, even when I was not perfect at all. It just amazed me.”

Your investment right now will help ensure hope is there 24/7 for you and people in crisis like Peter – through the uplifting music, messages, and ministry of your WAY-FM.

So please give generously – knowing your tax-deductible donation will be DOUBLED by the $54,000 Match to help more people like Peter.

Thanks for your support!