Help Change More Lives Like Paula’s by Investing in Your WAY-FM Today

Your investment today will help launch WAY-FM’s Support Drive strongly, and keep hope-filled music, messages, and ministry coming to you and many people like Paula.

After one wrong decision at work, Paula chose to resign. She now says, “I felt my entire world come crashing down.” But thanks to friends like you, she found new hope by listening to WAY-FM and joining the World’s Biggest Small Group. She says:

“I made it a point to listen to NOTHING but Christian radio, knowing I needed to keep my mind captive to Christ. WAY-FM has been a godsend. I absorbed the World’s Biggest Small Group Identity study…. What an amazing revelation! What freedom is found in the Savior who is the only identity I will ever need! I have been a believer for over 40 years, but I had misplaced my identity somewhere along the way…. Thank you all so much for this study, for the music you play, and most of all for being REAL.” 

By investing $365 or more in the ministry of WAY-FM, you can help encourage more people like her through uplifting music and messages on-air – plus the World’s Biggest Small Group, WAY Nation, the Prayer Wall, and much more.

So thank you for being a hero by investing today to help launch your WAY-FM’s Support Drive strongly.

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