Help Build the Inspiration Fund – So People Like Melissa Can Find Hope

Thank you for investing today to help reach millions with Jesus’ love by building the Inspiration Fund for the Year-End Support Drive that will get your WAY-FM fully funded.

With just a short time left to finish building this on-air match fund before the on-air appeal starts on Monday, you can play a vital role in bringing hope to more people like Melissa.

After her husband left her and their two children, Melissa found the voice of hope she needed by listening to WAY-FM every day. She shares why she invests in this ministry like you do:

“I don’t have much to give but I want so desperately to keep this station up and running so I can keep a safe place for myself and my children in this sometimes harsh world.”

Thank you for investing today to finish building this match fund to inspire others to give as the Year-End Support Drive starts on Monday – to keep the ministry of your WAY-FM going strong.  

You’re changing lives like Melissa’s as you share Jesus’ love through your WAY-FM – and we’re deeply grateful for you!