Help Build the Inspiration Fund – and Rescue More Lives Like Tyler’s!

You’re a key part of the rescue story for people like Tyler. How God is using you to fill many like him with hope through the ministry of your WAY-FM is absolutely amazing.

After God rescued him from the brink of suicide, Tyler says:

“I decided not to take my life that night…. I went to treatment the next day. I stayed the entire treatment episode this time and got sober! I knew this was a miracle that I could not throw away….

“Today, I have over eight years clean and sober, have married my soul mate, have two beautiful children, went back to school, am a licensed addiction and mental health counselor, and am helping so many other addicts and alcoholics daily! God is good! I want to thank you and the WAY-FM family so much for all that you do!”

Thank you for investing today to help build the Inspiration Fund for the Year-End Support Drive. Your leadership gift will be used as an on-air match to inspire others to help get your WAY-FM fully funded and reach millions with the love of Jesus.

You’re rescuing lives as you share the hope of Jesus through your WAY-FM – and we’re deeply grateful for all you do!