Have Your Gift Doubled Today – to Help More People Like Noah Find Hope

Your gift today will be doubled by a Match to help more people like Noah find hope when they need it most.

Noah, a crane operator in South Carolina, called in to share why this ministry is so important to him. Noah explained that he’d tragically lost his wife – his “life mate,” as he called her – four years ago. They’d been married 30 years, and he shared how losing her still hurts so much.

But what he said next shows why your support today is so important…

Noah said that even in that dark time when his wife’s health was failing and when she died, he found so much comfort in listening to WAY-FM. The songs, the honest conversations, and the daily Word on the Way messages gave him hope.

Noah called to pledge his support – to keep WAY-FM on the air so more people could find hope in Jesus, like he did.

Thank you for giving generously today to change more lives like Noah’s with Jesus’ love!