Give Hope to More People Like Silvia by Investing in Your WAY-FM

When you invest today to help launch Support Drive, you’ll help lift more people like Silvia out of despair through the ministry of your WAY-FM.

The support of friends like you helped Silvia overcome her meth addiction – and be reunited with her three young kids. She says:

“By the grace of God, He delivered me from [meth] and has given my children back to me! Throughout it all, God has been there with me through His faithfulness, and WAY-FM has been such a big, big part of that journey.”

With your special investment today, you can help more people like Silvia – and her precious young children – love and follow Jesus even in the tough times.

By investing $365 or more today, you can help encourage more people through uplifting music and messages on-air, plus the World’s Biggest Small Group, WAY Nation, the Prayer Wall, and much more.

So thank you for being a hero by investing today to help launch your WAY-FM’s Support Drive strongly.

You can also enter the contest here without giving. Click here to view the contest rules.