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“I absolutely love this podcast!! CJ and Joy are so funny! It is great to be able to listen to faith based conversations that are also humerous! It’s also refreshing to be able to listen and not worry that my kiddos are around. Thanks for all you do!!!” – Lisa

“Both Cj and Joy are honest about the real struggles of living a life as Chrst would desire for them. They both are like close friendsthat I would be honored to have: – Diller

“So funny. So crazy. So enjoyable. i retell stories from this podcast ALL THE TIME. Listen to it. You’re missing out without it!!! Thank you CJ and Joy for all that you do.” – Joshua

We understand the world’s needs are so overwhelming it can be hard to know where to start making a difference. We’ve partnered with people like you for 30 years to be a source of encouragement and hope during life’s challenges.

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