Be the Hero Who Gives Others Hope

The challenges of 2020 have bled into 2021 and many people desperately need renewed hope.

This is where you come in! Support Drive is happening all this week, and you can be the hero who gives others hope through your gift to keep WayFM on the air and streaming online.

You’ll stand in the gap for people like April, who, after two heartbreaking miscarriages, found renewed hope in Jesus through WayFM. Listen to hear her message of thanks:

For others like April – give now to encourage more people that God is faithful in all seasons, He’s with you in all circumstances, and you can have hope no matter what because of Jesus.

Plus, for a gift of $30 or more a month, you’ll receive an exclusive WayFM T-shirt – and feel good knowing that you’re helping to give hope to thousands!

It all happens because you keep WayFM going strong – so thanks for your generous gift today!

You can also enter the contest here without giving. Click here to view the contest rules.