Be A Hero Who Gives Others Hope

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 Give Now to Stand in The Gap for Those Who Can’t

The challenges of 2020 have bled into 2021 and many people desperately need renewed hope.

This is where you come in! Support Drive is happening all this week, and you can be the hero who gives others hope through your gift to keep WayFM on the air and streaming online. 

With so many struggling through tough economic times, you can stand in the gap for those unable to give and help keep the hope of Jesus encouraging others every day on WayFM. 

It all happens because you keep WayFM going strong – so thanks for your generous gift today!

Your Gift Points People to Hope

“WayFM has kept me from going deeper into my depression. My dark thoughts don’t exist anymore. The devil cannot have me anymore. I am a Child of God and I need this reminder daily.”


WayFM helped me through 2 miscarriages, an extremely difficult patch in my marriage, and almost losing my only child.  I always hear the song I need to hear at the moment I need to hear it.”


This last year has been the most difficult I’ve ever endured…health situations, surgery and a cancer scare, plus relationship struggles…some days I felt like I could barely breathe. WayFM, and God of course, gave me hope and a smile when it felt like there was no reason for either.


Stay Better Connected with an iPhone, Apple Watch, and More!

Over the past year we’ve learned the value of staying connected virtually. If you’ve realized that you or a loved one needs a technology upgrade, WayFM is here to help!

Give today to keep your WayFM going strong and we’ll enter your name in the drawing to win!

Keep Hope on the Radio

Your gift means thousands of people hear about Jesus every single day.


Heroes deserve capes.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any capes.

But we do have this super comfy shirt that will make you feel like the superhero you are.

Give $30 a month to unlock your WayFM shirt!