Share Hope That’s Real in a World of Broken Promises

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Give Now to Encourage More People with the Hope Found in Jesus

It’s 2021 and people have more access to more things promising more satisfaction than ever before… but most people just feel exhausted and burned out.

Today, you can introduce them to a hope that’s real – hope in Jesus!

Support Drive is happening all this week, and you can help bring people in our crazy culture the peace and relief found only in Jesus, all by supporting your WayFM to keep them on air and online.

Help bring light and clarity into someone’s life that nothing in this world can offer.

It all happens because you keep WayFM going strong –so thank you for your generosity

Your Gift Helps People Know They are Never Alone!

“I’ve known God my whole life but lost touch after so much trauma in my life. Recently I had a psychotic break and ended up in a mental institution. While there, I listened to WayFM, and I could feel the Holy Spirit lifting me up and saving me.”


“In the midst of all that is happening, my anxiety is high, and WayFM has been a calming presence on my morning commute every day. Thank you!”


“I’m not the saint of all saints. I make mistakes, and sometimes feel like I’m swaying so far away from my Father. But when I turn on WayFM… the songs I listen to bring me closer to God. It just lifts my spirits and makes me feel so much better. I feel as though me and Jesus are one again.”


Stay Tuned In with an MacBook, Apple Watch, and More!

Over the past year we’ve learned the value of staying connected virtually. If you’ve realized that you or a loved one needs a technology upgrade, WayFM is here to help!

When you give today, you’ll get the chance to win an Apple Tech Makeover Package – including including a MacBook Air, Apple Watch Series 6, and AirPods!

Invest in your WayFM today – and you could win big!

You can also give by calling 800-455-1929.

Plus, for a gift of $20 or more a month, you’ll receive an exclusive WayFM T-shirt – and feel good knowing that you’re helping give hope to thousands!

 Keep Hope on the Radio

Your gift means thousands of people can continue to hear about the hope we have in Jesus every single day.


Heroes deserve capes.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any capes.

But we do have this super comfy shirt that will make you feel like the superhero you are.

Give $20 or more a month to unlock your WayFM shirt!