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Give Now to Reach More People with the Hope of Jesus this Christmas

For many people Christmas is a hard time of year, and this year it may be even harder. 

But as the angels declared to the shepherds so long ago, the Christmas story is all about hope and joy because Jesus our Savior has come! 

Today, you can help more people access that hope through your WayFM!

Support Drive is happening all this week, and you can reach more people with the hope of Jesus this holiday season with your gift to keep WayFM on the radio and streaming online.

Through your gift you’ll help bring comfort and joy to so many people this Christmas – so thank you for your generosity!

They Found a Hope That’s Real on WayFM!

“WayFM changed my life. Years ago I was making fun of my friend for listening to it so she challenged me to listen to it every day and watch what happens.

Well, she was RIGHT! At the time I was just divorced, feeling helpless, and, I have to admit, a little angry with God.

But WayFM helped me get back on track with my faith and continues to impact my life. Thank you guys so much for this amazing ministry!”


“I’ve been having complicated health issues for about a year now and the music and conversations on WayFM help keep my heart and mind fixed on truth.

Thanks for being a source of joy and peace.

I appreciate all that y’all do!”


“I mostly listen to the podcasts and sometimes the music live. Listening to this wonderful music and encouraging voices has helped me get through the recent loss of my grandmom.

The loss is incredible difficult, and because of COVID, none of us got to see her as much as we would’ve normally before her death.

It has brought happinesses and joy in one of the most difficult times in my life. Thank you WayFM!”


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Give today to keep your WayFM going strong and we’ll enter your name in the drawing to win!

Heroes deserve capes.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any capes.

But we do have this super comfy shirt that will make you feel like the superhero you are.

Give $20 or more a month to unlock your WayFM shirt!


You can also enter the contest here without giving. Click here to view the contest rules.