Be a Hero Who Helps Others Find Hope!

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 Give Now to Stand in the Gap for Those Who Can’t

When life gets messy and complicated, it can all feel so overwhelming. We can feel isolated and even hopeless.

This is where you come in! Support Drive is happening all this week, and you can be the hero who helps give others hope through your gift to keep WayFM on the air and streaming online. 

We are promised we never have to face anything alone, and when you stand in the gap for those you are unable to give, you help keep pointing them to the hope of Jesus through WayFM. 

This is all possible because you keep WayFM going strong — so thank you for your generous gift today!

Your Gift Helps People Know They are Never Alone!

“This station has gotten me through a divorce last year and my mom being sick currently in hospice, it has brought positivity.”


 I’ve been struggling awhile with anxiety and every time I listen to WayFM, there seems to always be a song saying I am not alone. I want others to also know they are not fighting by themselves.


My son passed at almost 2 months old in 2014 and just listening to WayFM has been a blessing to both my husband and me.


Stay Tuned In with an MacBook, Apple Watch, and More!

Over the past year we’ve learned the value of staying connected virtually. If you’ve realized that you or a loved one needs a technology upgrade, WayFM is here to help!

When you give today, you’ll get the chance to win an Apple Tech Makeover Package – including including a MacBook Air, Apple Watch Series 6, and AirPods!

Invest in your WayFM today – and you could win big!

You can also give by calling 800-455-1929.

Plus, for a gift of $20 or more a month, you’ll receive an exclusive WayFM T-shirt – and feel good knowing that you’re helping give hope to thousands!

Keep Hope on the Radio

Your gift means thousands of people can continue to hear about the hope we have in Jesus every single day.


Heroes deserve capes.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any capes.

But we do have this super comfy shirt that will make you feel like the superhero you are.

Give $20 or more a month to unlock your WayFM shirt!


You can also enter the contest here without giving. Click here to view the contest rules.