Help reach the $110,000 Pledge Drive Launch Goal!

Launching Spring Pledge Drive is one of the most important ways you can help sustain the ministry of your WAY-FM so more people like Cassidy can be encouraged to trust and follow Jesus.

Cassidy wrote to say:

“My unsaved 29-year-old son has been struggling with depression. He and his wife have separated…. He has no money and no job and will need to sell his home…. I know God has a plan but as a mother it has been very hard to know what to do.”

Thanks to friends like you, Pastor Dave from WAY-FM could be there for Cassidy, and emailed her back…

“Cassidy, this morning I prayed that God will reveal to your son today how valuable he is to the Lord Jesus Christ. I pray for reconciliation and asked God that if your son strikes out alone, he will learn valuable, eternity-changing things. I also pray for your hurting mother’s heart right now. A lot to fear, but give it to the Lord (Philippians 4:6-8). He is trustworthy.”

Soon after, Cassidy emailed Pastor Dave back…

“Knowing that [you’re] praying gives my heart a much-needed lift…. God is my source of strength and I am not alone in this journey. I am grateful for WAY-FM and the ministry all of you do.”

Thank you for investing today to help hit the $110,000 Pledge Drive Launch Goal by March 13, knowing your investment will go twice as far because of the Challenge.

Together we can encourage more people like Cassidy that God is with them.

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