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Your generosity helps people in crisis like Annie.

Your prayers and gifts play such an important part in sustaining the ministry of your WAY-FM, so more people in crisis like Annie can hear just the right words at just the right time.

She shares that while her son was in the hospital fighting for his life:Annie

“WAY-FM [became] a personal testimony and reminder to me of how good God was and still is.”

And now she’s giving back to inspire others through WAY-FM:

“Giving is kind of my way of saying, ‘God, You’ve been good before and saw us through that and You’re going to make a way through this too.’”

Your investment today to help build the Inspiration Fund will help many more people like Annie find strength, purpose, and hope in Jesus.

And as you help build this Inspiration Fund, your Kingdom investment will be multiplied as you inspire others to give generously during WAY-FM’s Fall Support Drive.

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