Help Bring the Hope of Jesus to More People Like Sasha

Your Fall Support Drive investment today will bring the hope of Jesus to more listeners like Sasha through the ministry of your WAY-FM.

After her husband passed away, she turned on WAY-FM, and…

“It helped me connect with Tyler. Until you realize how many people it touches and how many hearts it helps to heal, it would be hard to understand. But there are so many of us out there that are helped by this station, and I appreciate that this station is available.”

You can join today with so many others to keep the ministry of WAY-FM going strong for you and your family, and to transform more lives like Sasha’s.

And when you invest just over a dollar a day, $35 a month, you’ll ALSO help provide much-needed nutrition, preoperative care needed for surgery, and the love of Jesus to children through our global partnership with CURE International.

Thanks for delivering hope to those who need it most through your investment today!

You can also enter the contest here without giving. Click here to view the contest rules.