Help Share Jesus’ Love Locally and Globally – and Bring Healing to Kids Like Ishmael and Rahim

Born with clubfoot, Ishmael, 10, and Rahim, 8, were shunned by their village in Malawi as “cursed.” But friends like you paved the way for life-changing surgery. Their father, Levison, says:

“While my children were being treated at CURE, I heard the Gospel and made the decision to follow Christ as my Lord and Savior. What touched me was to see how my children were being treated. I never thought that one day these feet would look like this. That in and of itself was an expression of God’s love and that touched me. Seeing what physically is being done for my children, I felt it is the right thing to commit my life to the Lord.”

Your Support Drive gift today can help more kids with disabilities, like Ishmael and Rahim, today – and bring more families to Christ.

When you invest just $35 a month or more in the ministry of your WAY-FM today, you’ll also help children like them with much-needed nutrition and preoperative care to gain strength for their life-changing surgery through our global partnership with CURE International.

So please give generously today to share the hope of Jesus locally and globally – and bring healing to children like Ishmael and Rahim, so their families come to know Christ!

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