Keep Hope Coming to Strengthen Families Like Jocelyn’s

Jocelyn’s story shows why your Fall Support Drive investment today is vital to keep hope coming through your WAY-FM to families in crisis.

Jocelyn, a young mother of three, recently wrote:

“In 2015, my husband was in a car accident. We thought he would recover from his injuries and we’d go on with life. A month later he experienced a medical emergency that removed him from his work.

“Fast-forward three years and multiple doctors [later], and he is doing so much better. But it has been a fight and a struggle for our family.

“I can’t tell you how refreshing it was to hear [Bekah] talk about some of her struggles as a spouse of someone who is chronically sick. I felt awful for some of the feelings that I had, but it was nice to hear [her] talk about similar struggles on the air. Just now, I was listening to the [WAY-FM] podcast about having a hard time having hope despite knowing the Lord CAN heal. I have wrestled through this feeling MANY times… and have questioned my faith that God could heal my husband. I would have loved a miraculous healing, but I will take a slow and gradual one as well! Thank you for what you do. Just know that God has used [you] to encourage me in my walk with Him and to know that I’m not alone.”

Your investment today will help ensure that together we can reach more people like Jocelyn with honest and uplifting conversations about faith to keep them strong in the storms of life.

Your investment of $35 a month, just over a dollar a day, will help keep the ministry of your WAY-FM going strong for you and people like Jocelyn. And you’ll ALSO help provide much-needed nutrition, preoperative care needed for surgery, and the love of Jesus to children through our global partnership with CURE International.

Thanks for providing hope to those who need it most through your investment today!

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