Give hope to people like Archie by investing in your WAY-FM

When you invest today to help launch the Fall Support Drive, you’ll help encourage more people like Archie with uplifting songs and pastoral care to get them through the toughest times.Archie

The support of friends like you helped Archie fight his drug addiction as he listened to WAY-FM. Unfortunately, he recently called to tell us that years of drug abuse forced him to have surgery… he lost both his feet.

Because of his history with drug addiction, he was determined not to use any pain meds after that radical operation.

Listening to WAY-FM and singing along every day has kept him positive as he heals from surgery without pain meds.

With your gift today, you can help more people like Archie love and follow Jesus even in the tough times.

Thanks for investing to launch WAY-FM’s Fall Support Drive, knowing your investment of $35 per month will also help provide a child the much-needed nutrition and pre-operative care to gain strength for their life-changing surgery, through our global partnership with CURE International.

And remember, your investment today also enters your name to win a Flyaway for Four on Southwest Airlines!

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