Help build the Inspiration Fund

Your generosity will help save and transform lives like Regina’s!

Your prayers and gifts play such an important part in sustaining the ministry of your WAY-FM, so more people like Regina can hear just the right words at just the right time… that can literally save their life.

On the brink of suicide, Regina felt Jesus’ love through WAY-FM and says:Regina

“All of a sudden, I found strength in it and was able to see my purpose.”

Your investment today to help build the Inspiration Fund will help many more people like Regina find strength, purpose, and hope in Jesus. 

What’s exciting is that your investment today to build this fund will be used to inspire others to join you in giving generously during WAY-FM’s Fall Support Drive.

And that means your Kingdom investment will be multiplied to save and transform even more lives with the love of Jesus.

So thank you for investing today to help build the $180,000 Inspiration Fund – and motivate others to help change more lives like Regina’s.

We’re grateful for you!