Help more people like Wilson find hope – at any moment!

Wilson’s story shows how important it is to keep hope coming – every moment of every day – through WAY-FM.

He was going through a tough time at work and in his personal life, but then he found WAY-FM at just the right moment. He shares…

“A few weeks ago, it was early morning and I was driving to work. I wanted to find something to listen to, and I just stumbled upon [WAY-FM]. I was going to change it, but then I kept listening. And then I couldn’t change it at all!

“I’ve [been] listening every day since, and it’s making me want to turn toward God again. I can now breathe like everything is OK because I made it through the day. And I know God was with me and He’s answering my prayers one day at a time.”

Thank you for any gift you can give today to ensure WAY-FM is there with life-changing hope for you and many others like Wilson!