Help hit the goal by midnight – to help more children like Reyner!

Your response before midnight tonight to meet the Pledge Drive Launch Goal will help sustain the ministry of your WAY-FM, so more people can be encouraged to love and follow Jesus.

By investing in your WAY-FM, friends like you helped provide shoes for children in an orphanage in Peru. Your afternoon presenter, Joy, shares how she saw your love impact 7-year-old Reyner:

“These children all had mental and physical handicaps or learning disabilities. They broke my heart! They are so precious, and yet they are the first in society to be given away to orphanages and forgotten. Many of their families did not want them.

“As I started explaining the Gospel, one little boy named Reyner said, ‘God cannot forgive my sins. I’ve done too many bad things.’ Our translator started sharing that God wants to forgive everyone because He loves us.”

This young boy began processing God’s grace and forgiveness for the first time, and he replied:

“I know God has forgiven my mother, because she used to hit me.”

Joy says:

“My heart went out to this little boy whose mother used to beat him and who is now realizing that forgiveness is not only for him, but also for her. This sweet boy not only received brand-new shoes that made his face light up, but he also heard the Gospel!”

Please invest now to help hit the $110,000 Pledge Drive Launch Goal by midnight tonight – and bring hope to more people like young Reyner, by sharing the Gospel through the ministry of your WAY-FM.

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So please give now – and thank you for your generosity.

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