Keep hope coming to more listeners like Chris!

Your Spring Pledge Drive investment today will share Jesus’ love with more listeners in crisis like Clark, through the ministry of your WAY-FM.

Clark posted on your WAY-FM’s Prayer Wall:

“Both my children died in a car wreck [2.5 years ago]. My son was an organ donor. I need prayer warriors [because now the liver recipient’s] liver is failing. I feel as if I am losing my son all over again.”

Thanks to the support of friends like you, WAY-FM’s Pastor Dave was able to respond to Clark with encouragement, support, and prayer.

Clark replied…

“Pastor Dave, be encouraged that you are helping others in immeasurable ways. You may not realize how much a simple email can change a person’s day, but trust me, God did. Thank you for listening. You made a difference today.”

YOU can make a difference today by keeping hope coming to people like Clark. AND your Dollar-a-Day investment also give shoes to kids living in poverty through our partnership with Buckner Shoes for Orphan Souls®.

Plus, any gift you give today enters you in a drawing to win four plane tickets from Southwest Airlines, so you can jet off to the vacation of your choice. So get in today!

Thanks for keeping hope coming to people locally and globally through your investment today!

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