Help kids like Leinny by investing in your WAY-FM today!

When you invest in your WAY-FM today to help hit the Pledge Drive Launch goal, you’ll also help ensure more lives like Leinny’s can be changed…

Leinny, age 12, lives in a community in the Dominican Republic, where many families live far below the poverty line. She dreams of being an architect one day, but needed sturdy new shoes to make the long trek to school each day so she could have a brighter future.

Thanks to friends like you investing in your WAY-FM, Leinny was able to get a new pair of shoes through our global partnership with Buckner Shoes for Orphan Souls®.

“New shoes are a luxury for the children in this community,” says Jonathan Contreras, missions coordinator for Buckner in the Dominican Republic. “Without the gift of new shoes, children like Leinny might never reach their full potential. These shoes keep children healthy and safe. We must meet their physical needs first, so we can meet their emotional and spiritual needs, too.”

Your investment in your WAY-FM today will help hit the critical $110,000 Pledge Drive Launch goal and ensure more lives like Leinny’s can be changed in the future. Plus, your investment today will go twice as far thanks to a $56,000 Challenge!

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So thank you for your generosity today. You’ll help change lives locally and globally!

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