Time Left to Fund Your WAY-FM

You’re helping people like Allison find new hope in Christ

Your investment in the ministry of WAY-FM is helping so many people like Allison hear just the right words at just the right moment. A 22-year-old single mother of two, she reached out to share…

“I started experiencing depression… I struggle with a lot of fears… I’m barely hanging on.”

And thanks to your support, your WAY-FM’s Pastor Dave could quickly respond…

“Hey, Allison, we’re glad that WAY-FM is a place of trust and hope to you.

“Will you be willing to seek God diligently [Philippians 3], so that you can know Him more? That is the real fear-buster! So feed on His Word, OK?

“I ask the Lord every day to speak clearly to me – that’s why I like The WAY New Living Translation. If you need one of our Bibles for a fresh perspective, request one under the ‘Faith’ link on your station’s website.

“Take courage, Allison. I pray you’ll strongly hold on to your faith in the One Who holds the stars!”

Soon after, Allison replied…

“I did as you advised and instantly felt the Lord lift me up. I love WAY-FM! It plays in my house all day long. My children love to dance and sing to the songs. I know it’s God’s handiwork. I just love that He’s able to use you all.”

Thousands more listeners like Allison need to hear the uplifting music, real faith messages, and life-changing ministry you help bring through your WAY-FM.

So thank you again for your ongoing investment to lift people like Allison out of despair and into new freedom in Christ.

And should God lead, we’d be so grateful for any investment you can give today to impact more people like Allison.

We’re so grateful for you!