‘I love WAY-FM. It’s my strength and my laughter!’

Sara is a WAY-FM listener who shared recently…

“God let you show up at just the right moment! I love WAY-FM. It’s my strength and my laughter!

“God’s calling on my life is much stronger than the devil’s lies! Somehow I’ve survived so much, and the whole time I never knew God was holding me till a year ago. I heard His voice. I thought I was crazy but I’m not.

“He’s close to the brokenhearted, and I was so broken and shattered. I wanted to die, and I laid at the foot of the cross and felt Him…. I’m finally up and getting stronger each day. I love the WAY-FM family with all my heart. Y’all are saving my life right now.”

Praise God, for He is using your WAY-FM to save lives like Sara’s!

Today, as Pledge Drive continues…

  • Pray that God will move in the hearts of listeners to respond generously this week, whether through a dollar-a-day investment of $30/month or a one-time gift of $365.
  • Pray that many lives around the world will be changed through the supplemental food, vitamins, and medical care that will be given to malnourished children by Compassion International® for every new dollar-a-day investment.
  • Pray that your WAY-FM will reach the Pledge Drive goal in full by Friday so that together, we can continue to encourage more listeners like Sara in 2018.

We so appreciate your prayers and support!