‘I felt alone, and I was thinking that no one cares’

The music and message of your WAY-FM is carried across the U.S., and goes where many people can’t or wouldn’t go. It goes to people like Portia, for example.

A series of life decisions caused her to contemplate going back to prostitution. But through your WAY-FM, her life took a dramatic turn…

“I felt alone, and I was thinking that no one cares. Since I have given my life to Christ, all my friends left me because they think I am weird, because I keep speaking the Gospel to them. I pray for them, and I’m not taking it personally. I know God is weeding out those who don’t need to be around me.

“My boyfriend broke up with me, and I miss him; but I know he doesn’t love me anymore. Instead of replacing him with another man, like I am accustomed to doing, I felt the need to seek God and become a woman of God. I still cry at night and miss his companionship.

“I know the Lord has closed this door to open another one – something much greater. So right now I ask God to make me whole, so that when I do meet the husband He has for me, I can be whole.”

This is the kind of impact you’re making as an investor in your WAY-FM. So today…

  • Pray that God will move in the hearts of people to respond generously during Pledge Drive this week, whether through a dollar-a-day investment of $30/month or a one-time gift of $365.
  • Pray that many lives around the world will be changed through the supplemental food, vitamins, and medical care that will be given to malnourished children by Compassion International® for every new dollar-a-day investment.
  • Pray that your WAY-FM will reach the Pledge Drive goal in full by Friday so that together, we can continue to impact lives like Portia’s in the new year.

Thank you for praying that many others will respond this week!