‘I felt alone, and I was thinking that no one cares.’

WAY-FM listeners tune in across the U.S., and those radio waves go where many people can’t or wouldn’t. Take one listener named Portia, for example.

A series of life decisions caused her to contemplate going back to prostitution. But through your WAY-FM, her life took a dramatic turn…

“I felt alone, and I was thinking that no one cares. Since I have given my life to Christ, all my friends left me because they think I am weird, because I keep speaking the Gospel to them. I pray for them, and I’m not taking it personally. I know God is weeding out those who don’t need to be around me.

“My boyfriend broke up with me, and I miss him; but I know he doesn’t love me anymore. Instead of replacing him with another man, like I am accustomed to doing, I felt the need to seek God and become a woman of God. I still cry at night and miss his companionship.

“I know the Lord has closed this door to open another one – something much greater. So right now I ask God to make me whole, so that when I do meet the husband He has for me, I can be whole.”

Today, you can be a voice of encouragement to more listeners like Portia, when you invest in the ministry of WAY-FM.

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So get in today – and impact more lives locally and globally through the ministry of WAY-FM!