Thank you for saying “I am WAY-FM” during Pledge Drive Overtime!

The WAY-FM Fall Pledge Drive was shortened due to a delayed start following Hurricane Irma and officially wrapped up this past week. The WAY-FM family of stations rallied together during the shortened Fall Pledge Drive, including a huge outpouring on Friday, to meet the ministry’s financial need.

But there’s still work to be done today to get your WAY-FM funded. Which is why we’re doing a special Pledge Drive Overtime.

Your investment will not only transform lives through the ministry of your WAY-FM, but also change lives through a special partnership with Feed The Hungry – as your monthly investment will provide emergency supplies to hurricane-hit families so they can get through their crisis and find new hope in Jesus.

Plus, when you give today, you’ll have the chance to win a “Home for the Holiday” travel package, which includes airfare for 4 this holiday season on Southwest Airlines!

So please give generously to help get your WAY-FM funded during this special Pledge Drive Overtime.

And thank you for helping make the ministry of WAY-FM possible for you and your family, and to share the love of Jesus in your community!