Your investment will uplift people like Miriam!

Fall Pledge Drive is all about celebrating the lives that have been transformed through your WAY-FM.

It’s about people like Miriam, who recently wrote to share…

“Thank you so much for the Bible. It came on the most stormy day in Ozark, Alabama – the Monday of the hurricane – and the timing was perfect. I got to read it in peace while we were without power for 4 hours. I will enjoy many hours of reading. Thank you again, I feel blessed.”

How great is it that your investment can help lift up people like Miriam? But it will also transform lives through our partnership with Feed The Hungry. So far, you’ve provided relief supplies to 2,730 families.

Your investment of $30 a month, or a single amount of $365 today, will provide urgently needed supplies to families hit by the hurricanes, so they can get through their crisis and find new hope in Jesus.

Please give below to help meet the Fall Pledge Drive goal, so the ministry of your WAY-FM can continue going strong.

Thank you!